Starlings Litchfield Park

Starlings Litchfield Park, is a program with a lot of history. 

The Starlings Litchfield Park program is a program with a lot of history. We have been involved in the Starlings program since 2002. Starlings is a youth outreach program based on Faith, Integrity, and Honesty, being a kid for others, and extending a hand to those in need.

Rosario believes in the mission of Starlings and supports their efforts at home, by sending teams every June to the Starlings National tournament held in San Diego.

Litchfield Park begins accepting new players for the summer program as early as May 1, which runs May-June-July. New players can participate in the West Coast Championships (NV), Starlings Nationals (San Diego), and Volleyball Festival (Phx).

The 2022 National Championships in San Diego California

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