Recruiting Violations

LPJVC follows USA Volleyball and AAU best practices, which include entering and leaving a club. According to USA Volleyball, a registered player to any club is a member till the end of USA Nationals in late June or early July.

USA Volleyball strongly prohibits players from practicing with an outside club during this time period, even if it is an open camp, practice, or private coaching scenario.

USA Volleyball strongly prohibits any coach, parent, or agent from an outside club from contacting or inquiring about any player in your home club. A parent of a player is also in violation if they attempt to secure or negotiate a spot on a team in an outside club prior to obtaining an official player release form, from their home club. These are recruiting violations and the penalty is the outside club and the player is sanctioned for the entire season. (Which means the player has to sit out, and the outside club in question has to cease operations).

When a violation occurs, the player and outside club are reported to the local governing body which sends the violation to USA Volleyball, where both the player and outside club is flagged. If the flagged player’s name shows up on any outside clubs’ roster in AES, it is reported, and a player and outside club is then sanctioned. This also applies to players that do not get an official release from a home club, but still play for an outside club in the same season and they are spotted, or information of their participation is communicated to their home club, the sanctions can be assessed to the following season for both the player and outside club.

Note that a club does not have to give a release to any player if it is not in the best interest of the club or official rosters have been submitted. If a player or parent is suspected of a recruiting violation, a player release form may not be granted based on an ongoing investigation by the home club or volleyball governing body.

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