Player Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We are committed to creating and upholding traditions of
excellence through volleyball, focusing on responsibility and accountability.
Everyone involved in the sport of volleyball is responsible for his or her own
behavior whether on the court, on the bench, or in the stands.

Athlete’s Code of Conduct
As an athlete, I:
• Will take care of my body.
• Will participate in volleyball alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free.
• Will work hard and honestly to improve the performance and
participation of not only myself but my team as well.
• Will use positive verbal and physical behavior, controlling my
temper and aggression towards my opponents, teammates,
coaches, officials, spectators, and tournament personnel.
• Will play by the rules of volleyball.
• Will treat all those involved in the match with dignity and
• Will meet all requirements in the classroom
• Will give true information concerning another individual’s
involvement in or knowledge of an incident relevant to a
violation of the rules.
• Will treat others as I wish to be treated
• Will respect the property of others
• Will maintain a positive image of myself by participating for

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