Team Parent Roles

Team Parent

Your role as a Team Parent will be to assist your coaches with some of the administrative tasks encountered throughout the club season. You will be the primary communication link between the players, coach, and Club Administration.


The best method of communication is through our Team Snap App. We have already created a team group email address for you to use, as you will be providing a lot of team information throughout the season. There will be times you send emails and other times when you simply send a team message via Team Snap. Be sure to acquire all parent’s cell numbers as you may need those later! Texting is a great tool when you are at a tournament, as some don’t always read their messages.

We also use Team Snap App for all practice schedules as well as tournament details. Works with the coaches and the travel coordinator to plan out the breakfast, lunch, and dinner arrangements in advance. While eating meals together is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged for unity purposes.

Tournament Food Coordinator (Optional)

Decide how you want to handle food with your team. The first item to decide on is how is your team is going to make arrangements for food during tournaments. If families decide to work together to provide food for the whole team we recommend you ask a parent to be in charge of all food details for the season. This would mean they are responsible for getting parents to sign up for food support at tournaments. Food will need to be organized for local and away tournaments.

Another suggestion would be to collect “x” amount of $ from every family to start a food bin with supplies for every tournament. i.e. paper plates, plastic ware, napkins, peanut butter, etc. The team can decide if they choose the “team cooler” approach or individually bring their own food. This should be discussed at the Signing Night, but obviously, can be
modified as the season progresses. If the “individual” route is chosen, there is no need for a Food Coordinator.

Travel Coordinator Hotel Arrangements:

Will arrange for team hotel reservations for 2- or 3-day tournaments. This is usually only for one to two tournaments a season, but a competitive team will have several more multi-day tournaments. Hotel reservations for the team should be booked well in advance of the tournament date. It is advisable that hotels be booked within 2 weeks after the tournament schedule has been posted since hotels fill up quickly. Since some of the tournaments may be “Stay and Play”, please be familiar with their hotel reservation policies and procedures. Before booking rooms, please consult with the parents of the team and coaches to verify the number of rooms that will be needed.


It is ideal to make sure the hotel has a breakfast option. For some overnight tournaments, it is at your discretion to coordinate lunches or dinners as a team. Please make sure all team members and their parents are aware of this event with the location and time disseminated in either GroupMe or a text. It is advisable to work with the Team Parent when scheduling this event.

Playing Venue:

The week of the tournament please relay information identifying the playing venue and playing schedule (Once available). For smaller tournaments, the coach will be emailed the playing schedule from the tournament director so work with the coach in this instance on providing the information.

Score Reporter

Responsible for VERIFYING scores after each match at all tournaments and comparing the scores to what is reported in the AES system. This is EXTREMELY important, as these results will be used by the club in the seeding of teams for the Regionals Tournament at the end of the season. If scores are not accurate, it may result in a lower seeding, which is NOT desired.

IF you have any questions, please contact Rosario Lopez ASAP. The scores should be verified PRIOR to leave the tournament venue.

Team Chaperone

The responsibilities of a Team Chaperone include, but are not limited to:

Chaperones assist the coaches in traveling to and from tournaments. They will communicate with the coach to determine the exact time and location to meet, discuss mealtimes and location, etc.

A chaperone does everything that is reasonable and prudent to ensure the safety of all team members. She assumes responsibility for the welfare of the players under her care, custody, and control. Every chaperone applicant must complete a USA Volleyball Membership form and background check. During the season we ask that parents attend as many tournaments as possible. For out-of-region or overnight traveling tournaments, we will have one designated adult female or family chaperone per team per event. The chaperone is a selected parent of a player on your team. A Team Parent does not always
need to be the chaperone for all tournaments and the chaperone does not need to be the same person for all events. The Team Parent will always work closely with the chaperone.

The chaperone is responsible for the team whenever the team is not playing, officiating, or under the supervision of their coach. All other parents or guardians are expected to respect the chaperone. There should be at least 2 Chaperones per tournament, just to be sure there is always one present with the kids when at the tournament site, etc. The primary reason for a Chaperone is liability reasons, especially medical emergencies involving a player, and USAV requires that any transportation to and from a tournament is either with a parent or a USAV Chaperone.

If a player wants to travel with another player, whose parent drives, that does not require a Chaperone, as long as both parents have agreed to it. Each team will be required to have THREE official chaperones PRIOR to tournament play. The cost of the registrations should be shared among the entire team equally, so a partial reimbursement should be given to all chaperones once they’ve completed their requirements. The reimbursement will be
processed by the Team Treasurer.

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