Parent Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We are committed to creating and upholding traditions of excellence through
volleyball, focusing on personal responsibility and accountability. Everyone involved in the sport of volleyball is responsible for his or her own behavior whether on the court, the bench, the officials’ stand, the scorer table or in the bleachers.

Parent Code of Conduct

As a Parent, I:

  • Will remain in the spectator areas during all matches.
  • Will not advise the coach on how to coach, who to put in the game and/or who to take out of the game.
  • Will respect the integrity of the officials and officiating crew and not advise them how to call the match or keep score;
  • Will model sportsmanship for my child by treating all coaches, officials, site directors and players/parents of either team with courtesy and respect;
  • Will encourage hard work and honest effort that will lead to improved performance and participation;
  • Will emphasize the cooperative nature of the sport;
  • Will not try to coach my child during the game;
  • Will encourage athletes to treat their body with respect and participate drug, tobacco and alcohol free;
  • Will myself attend all volleyball events alcohol and drug free;
  • Will encourage my child to participate for enjoyment as well as competition;
  • Will applaud good and fair play by all during matches;
  • Will be in control of my emotions;
  • Will learn the rules of the game to help me better understand what is happening on the court;
  • Understand that it is the coach’s responsibility to deal with any issues in the match or with the score – it is never the parent/spectator’s responsibility;
  • Understand that physical or verbal intimidation of any individual is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated at any Arizona Region sanctioned event;
  • Understand that conduct that is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior is unacceptable and not be tolerated;
  • Will be supportive of all attempts to remove verbal or physical abuse from organized volleyball activities – including language directed toward players, officials, site personnel, coaches and other parents;
  • Will take any issues of concern to a representative of the Arizona Region and will not take matters into my own hands;
  • Will protect the ability of the Arizona Region to continue using a facility by following all the rules of the facility, such as NO FOOD OR COOLERS IN THE GYM, parking in designated areas only, throwing all trash in an appropriate receptacle, etc.;
  • Will protect athletes from sanctions and/or suspension by producing accurate documentation when requested to do so;
  • Will honor Arizona Region and club financial commitments.
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