Open House Period

Open House

  1. A 10-day Open House Period has been established prior to the start of Tryouts to allow players to visit and/or be evaluated by different clubs in order for the player to find the club where they most want to tryout and join.
  2. Prior to the 10-day Open House Period, a club may offer clinics, camps, and info nights without restriction except that they do not jeopardize an athlete’s school eligibility.
  3. During the 10-Day Open House Period, a club may offer a maximum of 3 separate sessions of no more than 2 hours in duration for each age division in which visitation, evaluation, and/or instruction may take place. Camps, clinics, and info nights during the 10-day Open House Period would count towards the session limit.
  4. Private Lessons during the Open House Period – Coaches are restricted in the private lessons they may offer during the Open House Period. Coaches may not offer private lessons for 14 and younger athletes during the 14 and younger Open House Period; coaches may not offer private lessons for 15s and older during the 15s and older Open House Period; No private lessons may be offered during the 3-day overlap of Open House Periods.
    For each private lesson held by a coach during the Open House Period, the club will be charged $300 per person per lesson. The fee must be paid to the Arizona Region before the coach will be put on any roster. For an unaffiliated coach that holds private lessons during the restricted Open House Periods, the club that hires them will incur a fine when they are hired by the club.
  5. Regarding Clubs that have more than one location: If the club is registered as one club with the Arizona Region when approaching the Open House policy, the rule still applies that only 3 two-hour sessions may be held during the 10-day period for one age group. Example: Club ABC is holding open house for their west side 16’s, Club ABC
    on the east side must hold their open house period for the 16’s at the same time and date to be counted as one session.
  6. Prior to tryouts a club MAY NOT:
    i. Offer (verbal, written or implied) a player a position on a team in their club;
    ii. Take any commitment fees or down payments holding a spot on any of
    their teams;
    iii. Require or infer that a player needs to be in attendance at all of their
    offered Open House sessions per age group.
    iv. Allow a player to commit to their club prior to the conclusion of their
    TRYOUT session.
  7. The 10 Day Open House Period for all ages begins the Wednesday of the week prior to the established Tryout Start Date and ends the Friday immediately preceding the Tryout Start Date.
  8. Clubs holding tryouts more than 10 days after the Tryout Start Date are not bound by the Open House Period.
  9. The consequences for violation of Open House rules 1st offense – $500 fine; 2nd offense – sanctioned from participating in the tournaments for one season.
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