Club Programs

Club Outline

The Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club will provide the first full-time volleyball program in Arizona with top professional coaches with decades of experience, in a comprehensive environment.

Our Staff will provide your athlete a complete strength, speed, and agility program, and volleyball-specific training methodologies, in a comprehensive curriculum-based system. Additionally, club, and national level competitions will be introduced, educating, and developing our athletes to the highest levels of youth volleyball in Arizona and beyond.


Every athlete’s full potential is recognized through the Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club. Providing a well-respected training methodology, in a fully immersive environment.

For Grades: for grades 5-12 | Will participate in local state and national club leagues and tournaments. Athletes will also participate in national collegiate combines to enhance the opportunity for athletic recruitment.

How do I get started?

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Contact us and attend a camp to be seen and evaluated by our coaching staff. Winter and Summer camps enable the coaching staff to meet and evaluate players for future placement, giving coaches an insight into developing professional practice and training programs.

Unable to attend a camp? don’t worry we accept players year-round.

Our goal is to evaluate each player and offer accurate assessments for the development of the whole player. We teach each student-athlete how to best utilize tryouts and camps to showcase their talents.

Learn the Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club’s methodology and style of play first-hand, from experienced coaches. Campers ages 9-17 develop their technical and tactical skills while learning the complexities of competitive volleyball.

From the moment you walk into our gym you experience.

• Full immersion in a professional volleyball environment.

• A complete and professional full-time staff.

• Renowned training methodology and curriculum.

• Competition in a local club and national events, provides the highest level of youth volleyball competition, training, and development in Arizona and beyond.

• High-quality nutritional program geared toward improving strength, speed, and stamina for young athletes.

• Learn about opportunities to be seen and evaluated by collegiate programs.

Coaching Staff

Coaches are nationally and internationally recognized from the collegiate, professional, and international levels of competition. Our commitment and dedication to the highest level of youth development, training, and coaching. Focused on elevating the athlete’s physical, mental, nutritional, academic, and spiritual development.

About Camps

Camps are for players who aspire to join Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club and want to compete at the highest level of youth volleyball.

What Can I Expect?

• High-intensity volleyball experience

• Professional training and methodology

• Professional speed, strength, and agility program

• Great coaching staff

• Dedicated one-on-one training and performance enhancement evaluations.

• One-on-one personal evaluation by coaching staff at the conclusion of the tryout camp

Grades 5-12 | will be immersed into the programs through a comprehensive educational component, that encourages goal-setting and vision.

This program includes an 8-month system of training for the student-athlete, plus summer camp training and development.

• High coach-to-player ratio

• Intensified drill with meaningful game-like components

• Competitive league play Club | National levels

• Enhanced skills training

• Tactical training

• Scenarios

• Setting goals

• Academics

• College preparation

• Vision

• Intense volleyball speed, strength, and agility programs

• Nutritional understanding

• Game film

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