Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Club founded? 
We were founded in 2002 in Litchfield Park Arizona, as a Junior Olympic Volleyball program. We were the first official Junior Olympic program in the west valley, founded on the principles of Vision, Hard Work, Dedication, and the Spirit of Excellence.

Who can participate in the Club? 
Girls in middle and high school, who are interested in maximizing their personal development and volleyball skills.

What advantages will my player have participating in the Club over other players? 
Our players train more per week than the average club player. Our methods and training system are at the highest levels nationally. We demand perfect form and technique in all drills and club systems. The result is a higher volleyball IQ, than a normal volleyball player.

What is the Club Goal?
Our goal is to qualify for USAV Nationals, if we qualify, we will pay that fee at that time, if we do not qualify, we will pay for AAU or USAV Non-Qualifying Nationals to secure our spot. In order to qualify we enter USAV National Qualifiers in Southern California, Texas, Arizona, and Utah.

Which National Qualifiers or Showcase tournaments does the Club attend? 
We participate in several of the largest youth tournaments in the country, like the ESPN Wide World of Disney Volleyball Showcase, Colorado Crossroads, Dallas Open Cup, Presidents Classic in San Jose CA, and the West Coast Championships in Nevada. We suggest that once your team is formed, team meetings will be held to agree on future tournaments

What league or volleyball association does the Club participate in? 
We participate in the local USA Volleyball, Junior Volleyball Association and AAU Sanctioned leagues and events.

How often does the Club train? 
On average we train two days a week but to prep for an important tournament we can train up to three days a week. The approximate training time is Monday through Friday from 7 to 9 p.m.

Can my daughter get extra practice during the season?
Yes, throughout the season we offer extra training days at $25 per session. Of course, depending on gym availability extra training days can be once or twice per week.

What is the typical training session like? 
Each session begins with a good warm-up that encompasses speed, strength, and agility as well as technical development. Every session ends with competitive games built around the training topic of the day.

How much does it cost to participate in the Club? 
The participation fee is $3100 per year, which includes training, registration, recruiting assistance, college guidance, tournament/showcase entry fees (two events), college scrimmage opportunities, team tactical video analysis and video footage of games. Travel is not included.

Does the Club provide refunds? 
No, the club provides vouchers that can be used for future camps, future club fees, and private coaching.

Is there a No Pay No Play Policy? Yes, as listed in the Guidelines and Policies

  1. An athlete’s payment of membership dues and acceptance agreement commits the athlete to this club and requires both athlete and parent to adhere to all guidelines and policies set forth by the club.
  2. All fees must be paid to continue in Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club. If a player’s account is not kept current, the player will be suspended from practice as well as tournaments until the account is made current.
  3. Failure to pay the contract agreement may result in expulsion from Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club and further participation with this club or any AAU, JVA, USAV club until all fees are paid.
  4. The philosophy of this club is that the athlete is paying to provide her/him the opportunity to improve her/his volleyball skills. The athlete is not paying for match playing time, but for the betterment of herself in the sport of volleyball.

Does the Club offer scholarships?
No, we do not offer a scholarship program, from our experience parents who are not invested in the club miss more practices and tournaments and often do not finish the season. With so many clubs in the valley, there are plenty of clubs that offer low-cost seasons.

What is a Quiet Period?
A Quiet Period for recruiting junior girls playing in the high school state tournament has been established to allow the players and coaches involved to focus on their high school tournament and not be distracted by club recruiting. The Quiet Period will run from the last day of the AIA regular school season each year until the time the player’s team has
been eliminated from the High School State Championships tournament.

No one may contact a player on a high school team that is still involved in the AIA High School state tournament, or the parents/family members of the player, regarding club tryouts or participation. High school coaches who are affiliated with a junior club and whose high school teams are still involved in the state playoffs may not discuss any club
participation with their players from the start of the Quiet Period until their team is no longer participating in the tournament.

What is the Commitment Period?
Because of the 10-Day Open House period where players are allowed to go visit different clubs in order to decide which club to tryout and join, clubs may ask for a player to commit to their club immediately following the tryout session for each age group.

Once a player has made a commitment to a club and the club has accepted the commitment the player is no longer eligible to tryout at any other club. The player is no longer to be recruited by other clubs and must inform any club that
contacts them for recruiting purposes that they have committed to another club.

Does the Club take early Commitments? (Yes verbal only no signed contracts)
We are open to discussing with any athlete and parent where we see them in the future, if we envision a role for them and what that role might be. Yes, it can sometimes be a difficult discussion to have, but those conversations are a reflection of real-life experience.

Does the Club actively recruit players for certain teams? NO
We do not actively recruit because it sends the wrong message to the players and parents/guardians, and that is you need them in your club. This can lead to all sorts of problems which include but are not limited to, financial issues “you need my player, so we are not paying, or we deserve a discount”. Or “my player will only play certain positions and will play all the time or else!”. Or “I choose who my player plays with and who is on her team”.

It also makes the parents/guardians feel entitled to coach their player from the sidelines, and that never works out well.

What does Club Commitment MEAN?
USA, AAU Volleyball considers a commitment to a club to be for the entire season.

LPJVC considers a player committed to our club when a player or his/her parent signs a club contract and/or pays the initial club fees to its club director or one of its coaches with the intent of joining the club for
the current season.

Players who have committed to a club and then wish to transfer to another club must first request to be released from the club to which they first committed, and the release must be verified and approved by the USA and AAU Volleyball associations that we are registered with. t

Have any players received college scholarships? (YES)
Our director Rosario Lopez has the experience of providing over 66 program players under his guidance that have received college scholarships to play at the next level. But we must point out one important fact, the one thing that all these players had in common, is that they had great support systems. Their parents or guardians allowed us to coach they did not interfere with the club, also these players stayed in our club for more than 4 years no club hopping.

Where does the Club practice? 
We run two practice sites, one in the North Valley 75th Ave & 101 freeway, and one at 107th Ave & Camelback Road. Both locations have easy access to the 101 freeway and plenty of secured parking.

What type of college guidance will the Club provide? 
Each player meets with the training staff to formulate a plan of action for college recruiting. This includes his or her individual player profile, letters of recommendation, as well as follow-up emails and telephone calls by the coaches. In addition, the Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club compiles, and shares video highlights with college coaches.

What COVID-19 precautions are being taken to help protect athletes?
Participant safety is a top priority for us. We continue to monitor CDC recommendations and adjust accordingly.​

How early should I get to Tryouts?
It is to your benefit to check-in as early as possible. This will help you avoid the lines. Check-in will take normal than usual due to COVID safety screening. Once checked in, this gives athletes enough time to finish dressing and warmup. This allows you to bring in all your registration documents into the tryouts. If documents are in order, you will be issued a FAST PASS. This pass will allow you quicker entry on tryout day via the FAST PASS lane. 

What is an Open House?
A 10-day Open House Period has been established prior to the start of Tryouts to allow players to visit and/or be evaluated by different clubs in order for the player to find the club where they most want to tryout and join.
Visit the Open House Page for more information.

What are the Tryout Expectations?
Club Volleyball Tryouts can be a difficult process to understand.  While it’s not an overly complex one, it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into and what to expect at the Team Selections.  The club will present all this information at a short Parent Meeting prior to the start of each session.​ Visit the Tryout Page for more information.

How do I know what age my daughter should tryout for?
The USA and AAU Volleyball use September 1, to verify age eligibility for all divisions. For example, if your daughter is 14 years old and she is not turning 15 until after September 1, she is allowed to play in the 14s division. But if she turns 15 before September 1, even if she is 14 when the club season begins, she has to move up to the 15s division. Unless she has no experience in club volleyball and it would be beneficial for her to stay in the lower age division to develop.

Do all teams travel?
No, we offer regional teams and traveling teams.  Regional teams stay close to Arizona, while traveling teams may travel within the state or nationally. Because Regional teams don’t do extensive travel, their overall season fees are less.

Is playing time guaranteed?
Equal practice time is what is being paid for in the fees. Playing time of 0%-50% is guaranteed for tournament play and varies by level of the team you are selected for. Playing time is determined by ability, attendance, attitude, position the athlete plays, and the level of tournament.

What if I come late or leave early?
In order to protect the rights and interests of all players at the tryouts, we will make its decisions about the teams based on who is at the tryout, at the time.  This means that if you come late, selection decisions may already have been made. If you leave early without signing the Binding Commitment Letter, we will understand this to mean that you are not interested in playing at Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club.  We have no other choice but to enforce this since a player’s attendance, or lack of, affects other players and their decisions.​

What is a call-back tryout?
Call back tryouts are intended for players who were not able to attend the original tryout. This tryout is intended for players who may not have been able to attend due to injury, sickness, and other obligations the opportunity to still play in the upcoming season. We encourage you to attend the original tryout as available positions may be limited for call-backs. But we still encourage anyone interested to come and tryout. ​

Can I tryout at an older age-group team?
We will be competitive at every age group, so we prefer all players to stay in their respective age divisions.  If a player wants to tryout in a higher age level, they still need to register in their age division and attend that age group tryout.  You then need to contact our office to discuss the possibility of playing up. During the tryout you will be evaluated to see if your skills go far beyond your age group. You must be an “impact” player to be considered for higher age level. Players who tryout for a higher age level run the risk of not making either team as their age division may have been closed out and they are not accepted into an older division. We make every effort to be judicious in placing players at the right level in order to make the most cohesive and competitive teams.

How many players do you carry on a team?
We usually keep 10-12 players per team (typically 12).  Team numbers may vary by the number of kids trying out, and the availability of players at each position.

I am going to be gone during tryouts can I tryout early?
We may allow you the opportunity to tryout early, but you won’t be in consideration for a team till the full tryout.  If selected, an adult guardian must be present on the actual tryout day, to sign the commitment letter and place the deposit. Following the commencement of tryouts, we will not hold the spot with the deposit. If you are having a problem, please call the office and speak with Tracy Lopez.

I am going to be gone during tryouts can I tryout after that date?
All players selected will be placed on teams immediately following tryouts. Once chosen, a parent must sign a Binding Commitment Letter so we will know the status of each of our teams by the end of tryouts. Our goal is to have each team filled by the end of tryouts.  If by chance a space is still available in the club, we will be happy to schedule you for a tryout.

Do my parents need to be at the entire tryout?
Players may be selected at any time during the tryout. Therefore, players under the age of 18 who are selected must have a parent/legal guardian available at this time to sign the commitment letter and place a deposit.  If a parent/legal guardian is not present to sign, we, unfortunately, cannot hold a position open as this would mean dismissing other players wanting to play in the event you do not accept. If a player leaves without committing, we will consider that forfeiture of your spot and award that position to the next eligible player.

What is needed at the tryout?
First and foremost, all the registration information must be complete and brought to tryout check-in. We encourage you to come in prior to tryouts with your documents completed to receive a FAST PASS which will enable you to bypass the long check-in lines at tryouts.  Next, come ready to play. Wear appropriate volleyball gear (t-shirt, shorts, knee pads, gym appropriate shoes). Bring a couple of water bottles since there is only one water fountain.  Bring any personal items (glasses, inhalers, tape, braces, medications etc.) 

What happens after you are selected for a team?
You will find your parent (if under 18). Then your parent will be asked to sign the commitment letter and submit the $500.00 deposit. You will have a quick meeting whereby you will meet your coach and complete additional paperwork. August 15, each player will need to get an AAU 2022-2023 membership once registration opens for the new playing year.   A player will then report to practice on their assigned start date. 

What if a player is injured and can not tryout?
Please call the office and speak with Tracy Lopez 6233414583.

I am a multiple-sport athlete and/or I participate in other activities outside of club volleyball, can I still play?
Because this is a team-sport, players who are consistently late or miss practice affect the potential of the whole team. It can jeopardize what others have worked very hard for.  Having said that, we have found a way to make it work and will find solutions to ensure a player maintains the needed development throughout the season. This may include makeup sessions.​

Are teams pretty much set before tryouts, or do you take new players?
We are committed to taking a fresh look each year. Player development can fluctuate over the course of a year, and we want to give every participant a chance to compete for a position. It is to everyone’s benefit to field the most competitive team possible. 

Will playing club help my chances of getting recruited.
According to a USA today high school article By John Moore, NCSA | NCAA survey reveals 91 percent of the women volleyball players polled had played club ball. While talent is ultimately what determines your recruitability, it is an essential part of the recruiting landscape.

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