It is very important to teach how to execute floor techniques. This will help keep the athletes from getting hurt or sliding on their knees. It is also important to repeat footwork appropriate for ball play during training such as run-throughs, shuffles, running to the ball, and jump stops.

  • Footwork 
  • Step, cross hop for base to read
  • Shuffle through a defensive ball
  • Take a big first step to the ball by pushing off opposite leg
  • Step to the ball and then push off FRONT let to increase defensive range
  • Introduce floor moves and how to execute them (STAYING OFF YOUR KNEE), such as run and roll, run and slide, side layout, barrel roll.
  • Posture  
  • Bending at the knees not the waist
  • Bending at the ankles
  • Weight forward
  • Head and shoulders forward (lead with the head)
  • Hands neutral to be able to play balls with platform or hands
  • Positioning
  • Understanding base to read and moving to the dig position for one of these systems
  • perimeter
  • rotation
  • Mentality
  • Defense is an Attitude
  • All out pursuit
  • Every ball is YOUR ball. No hesitation
  • Mentality to KEEP BALL OFF THE FLOOR
  • Result
  • No ball hits the floor
  • Be able to dig balls high and off the net
  • Perform basic defensive components: Position, Posture, Passion 
  • Show an understanding of basic defensive systems (freeball, down ball, etc.).  
  • Dig downballs to target 50-55%
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