Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Agreement

Dispute/Grievance Procedure

Litchfield Park Juniors Volleyball Club fully comprehends the value of parent involvement and encourages our parents to offer feedback whether positive or negative but to do so in a professional and respectful way. The procedure below is designed to help athletes and parents with questions, concerns, issues, or problems that may occur during the season. It ensures open and honest communication between all parties involved.

  1. 24-hour rule: If the athlete or parent has a concern arising from a tournament or practice that needs to be addressed, they must wait at least 24 hours after the conclusion of the event to discuss the issue with the head coach. We trust that parents will be timely in communicating with coaches regarding potential issues that would distract that coach from their primary objective of coaching the team.
  2. Don’t approach the coach immediately prior to the start of practice, the coach must focus on the athletes and the training required during practice.
  3. The athlete must first ask for a meeting with the coach to discuss the issue at hand. In the case of players on 13’s or younger teams, the parents may request the meeting, in which the athlete, parent, and coach must be present.
  4. If the issue is unresolved, the parents may ask for a meeting between themselves, the athlete, and the coach to discuss the issue. The meeting should take place at a location considered adequate for a private discussion agreed upon by both the parent and coach – NOT at a tournament and/or practice.
  5. If the issue is unresolved, the parent may ask for a meeting with the club director, the head coach, and the athlete. The meeting should take place at a location considered adequate for private discussion, agreed upon by the parent, coach, and director, and during a scheduled time away from practice or a tournament is appropriate. The decision of the club director at this point is FINAL.

It is essential that our parents serve as a support system for our club, players, and coaches. To ask this, we, as the club director, staff, and coaches need to be available to empower parents and athletes with information and ensure understanding. When all parties share time together, the potential conflict creates a greater opportunity to learn from each other different strategies in how all parties can communicate effectively and be more congruent in cultivating a positive experience for our athletes.

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