Coaches Training-Certifications

Each NEW coach must take the IMPACT course per USAV directives and Insurance requirements. The new AZ Region coach’s education policy now requires coaches to ONLY take IMPACT once every three years. That is the ONLY coaching recertification requirement the AZ Region will enforce.

Mandatory for Coaches. All registered coaches will take this free course as part of gaining membership into the AAU. The AAU is proud to be a leader in the youth sports market and looks forward as being the trendsetter in coach education in years to come.

SafeSport training must be completed prior to interacting with athletes. The content of this SafeSport training was developed and is maintained by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, which retains individual course completion records. Note: SafeSport training is free for USA Volleyball members who take the training through their SportsEngine account. Completing this training through your account automatically updates your USAV member record.

The NFHS Coach Certification Program is a national professional credential offered to individuals who are currently coaching or aspire to coach at the interscholastic level.

As a volleyball coach, you’ll be called upon to do the following:

  • Provide a safe physical environment.
    Playing volleyball holds inherent risk, but as a coach, you’re responsible for regularly inspecting the practice and competition courts.
  • Communicate in a positive way.
    Your communication involves not only players but also parents and volleyball referees. Communicate in a positive way and show that you have the best interest of the players at heart.
  • Teach the tactics and skills of volleyball.
    Making practices game-like is especially important for youth volleyball.
  • Teach the rules of volleyball.
    It’s important for players to understand volleyball rules. Understanding the rules makes playing the game much easier. You’ll also have an advantage over your opponent if you know what they don’t. Not knowing the rules can cost your team points. 
  • Direct players in the competition.
    This includes determining starting lineups and a substitution plan. Also, making tactical decisions during the game and communicating with opposing coaches and players.
  • Help your players become fit to play volleyball.
    You want your players to develop the right conditioning for volleyball so they can play the game safely and successfully. Players should also understand the value of fitness and enjoy conditioning for volleyball. Avoid punishing players by making them do pushups or run. Make exercise fun and they’ll enjoy getting in shape for volleyball.
  • Help young people develop character.
    Character development includes learning caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. It’s best to teach these values to players and demonstrate and encourage behaviors that express these values at all times.
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