Coaches Education

Club Training Curriculum

  1. Create a system of checks and balances for directors to evaluate their coaches at each age division to determine if they are teaching the essential concepts and skills for athletes to be prepared for the next age division.
  2. Act as a guide for coaches to reference to train the skills and concepts for their age division.
  3. Provide a consistent and cohesive map to progress each age group forward

Below are mini-outlines of the curriculum presented visit the Gold links below.

12u Curriculum

This is the Foundation Phase, also nicknamed the “Romance State” when players truly develop their love for the sport of volleyball. The overall goals for this age are to develop individual skills, understand basic team tactics, and grow a passion for modeling the game.

13u Curriculum

This is the Transition Stage when players make the adjustment from a lighter ball to a women’s ball and a lower net to a women’s net height. The overall goals for this age are to enhance individual skills while improving reaction time, understand team strategy, and build on basic volleyball IQ.  Players should play a variety of positions with emphasis placed on player development first-team development second! As the demands of the game increase, the goal is to maintain a level of hunger to learn and pure enjoyment for the sport.

14u Curriculum

This is the Commitment Stage when players work on developing individual skills, individual tactics and team tactics. The overall goals for this age are to build a strong base, develop individual skills under the pressure of time, space, and an opponent, and increase the tempo of the player’s skill development and training regimen.

15u Curriculum

This is the Evolutionary Stage when players are continuing to mature and strengthen all areas of their game. The overall goals for this age are to develop a higher volleyball IQ by understanding the disciplines of offense and defense. Athletes should be pushed outside of their comfort zones to achieve a higher level of work ethic and learn to compete at a higher level while understanding that the overall team success is as important as individual success. 

16u Curriculum

This is the Fervid Phase, also nicknamed the “Dedication Stage”. The overall goals for this age are to strengthen the foundation of an athlete’s volleyball skills, both mental and physical. During this phase, the development of individual skills and execution, and individual, group, and team tactics are important.

17-18u Curriculum

This is the Elite Phase, also nicknamed the “The Full Bloom Stage” when the focus is on the development of advanced team play. The goal of this phase is to expose the players to a playing and training culture that extends their mental, physical, tactical and technical capabilities to the limit.

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