Club Commitment

Club Commitment
The Arizona Region and USA Volleyball consider a commitment to a club to be for
the entire season.

The Arizona Region considers a player committed to a junior club when a
player or his/her parent signs a club contract and/or pays the initial club fees
to its club director or one of its coaches with the intent of joining the club for
the current season.

Players who have committed to a club and then wish to transfer to another
club must first request to be released from the club to which they first
committed and the release must be verified and approved by the Arizona
Region Commissioner before they may begin to practice or play with the club
to which they wish to transfer. See Player Release Policy below for further
information on changing clubs in the same season.

All players are released from their club association within the Arizona Region
per USA Volleyball the day following the completion of their respective Junior
National Championships – regardless of whether or not they are attending the
Junior National Championships.

Consequences of violation of Club Commitment Policy
A. If the parent/guardian of a player signs a contract with two separate
clubs, the parent/guardian must pay the “non-committed club release
fees” to the Arizona Region AND the player must sit out the next
tournament of the Arizona Region Tournament Schedule in their
B. If the parent/guardian claims the situation was the result of coercion,
both clubs will be investigated by the Ethics and Compliance
Committee. If the club(s) is found at fault by the ECC a $2000 fine will
be assessed to the club(s) and the club and all their teams will be
suspended until the fine is paid in full to the Arizona Region.
C. For repeat violations, determination of culpability by the ECC will result
in an automatic suspension of the violator for a period of one year.

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