The Team You Make, Does it Really Matter for Recruiting?

Club volleyball tryouts and the team you make, does it really matter for recruiting? My short answer is NO. My long answer is YES…then, I say “it depends” and come back to my short answer, NO. And here’s why I say NO…College coaches know which teams are the top teams in the country. The topContinue reading “The Team You Make, Does it Really Matter for Recruiting?”

10 Tips for A Successful Tryout

There is an old saying that goes, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Nowhere is this truer than at a volleyball tryout. Volleyball is an extremely competitive sport. Numerous athletes compete for limited numbers of positions on the best club teams everywhere. Doing your best at the tryout can beContinue reading “10 Tips for A Successful Tryout”

The “Helicopter Parent”

The “Helicopter Parent” The “Helicopter Parent,” as professionals refer to this new phenomenon, is quickly becoming the norm in our society, rather than the exception. We all know them, and sadly have seen them in action. The parents that hover over their child, fixing every conceivable problem that arises, ready to swoop in at aContinue reading “The “Helicopter Parent””