This is the skill you can spend the least amount of time training and focusing on, however it is still important for the players to learn the proper technique and basic footwork, and understand the basic goals of blocking. 

  • Footwork
  • feet shoulder-width apart, legs loaded
  • space between you and net
  • step, cross, hop for middle blocking footwork
  • Hand Shape
  • fingers spread apart
  • thumbs pointed towards the ceiling
  • understand going over the net not straight up
  • Set-Up & Timing
  • pin blocker set the block
  • hitter’s hitting shoulder should slice the pin blocker in half
  • the athlete jumps when their attacking arm starts to go forward
  • understand if the setter is in the front row or back row and who your hitter is
  • only single blocking the middles at this age
  • Vision
  • introduce on, off, over eye work
  • Mentality
  • Learn how to get in front of the hitter every time
  • Block the path before blocking the ball
  • Result
  • Be able to find your hitter
  • Be able to do proper footwork to get in front of your hitter
  • Understand a stuff block isn’t the only successful block
  • Teach slowing the ball down is equally as helpful
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