We register with USAV, AAU, and JVA

USA Volleyball provides several National Qualifiers around the country, and extra multi-day events. The Arizona Region of USAV provides 4-6 local one day events in a Power League system, which provide 3 matches per event. Some local events include the Fiesta Classic, Presidents Day Tournament held in Tempe Arizona.

AAU provides several two, three- and four-day events around the country ending with AAU Girls National Championships in Orlando Florida. Some local events include Festival Fiesta, and Volleyball Festival.

Junior Volleyball Association provides several national events across the United States called the Challenge Series. We participate in at least two of these events on the west coast.

General Power League outline

Power Leagues are tournament series comprised of junior volleyball clubs located in a specific region of the U.S. that compete against one another for rankings.

The basic premise of a Power League is to provide a core schedule of matched competition in a drivable geographical area. The word “power” might be misleading, as it seems to indicate an elite level of competition. “Matched competition” means that teams are playing against other teams similar to their level of experience. Teams at all experience levels realize the benefits of a power league.

The first weekend is for seeding, so how a team finishes the first weekend determines where they are grouped for bracket play the second weekend. Teams are grouped together with teams who finished with the same record during the previous weekend and each week a pre-determined number of teams are moved up or down based on their performance. Ideally, a power league will be scheduled in sites that are a reasonable drive for all teams.

In leagues that rotate sites, it is ideal that age divisions are scheduled to equally share the amount of travel that might be required. This is especially important for leagues that are not centered in a very large population area.

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